Sunday, September 2, 2012

Outfits & New Dress


My new "magic book" bag arrived!

 Thought it would be smaller, but its the size of an actual backpack! 

And then I got my new mint Sugar Hearts set.

Did I mention I had to toss all of my circle lenses? Yep, I got an eye infection from idk what so byebye ten pairs ; v ;   Sporting natural eyes now, holla.

Oh, and my dermal is falling out... :c

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oops ; ; + Lolita Meet + Stuff

I forgot about blogger, eek ; ;
Not too much is new, but almost done with Devry! Yayy! Then more school ; ; 
Which is sad because I can't imagine myself in a full time job.
I also got a job so at least I can say I'm employed! *v*

Speed-post on recent stuff:

Lolita megameet with bunnychrystina and desu-ish!

Items I got from a product trade with Non-Dairy Confectionery: 

 New heart-bag:

 Ren-Faire with Dylan!~

Got my dream-dress Sugar Hearts! First AP dress:

Although I'll probably have to sell Sugar Hearts to pay off my car. Lame  


Monday, June 25, 2012

New Piercing :*

Hey Kittens! Got my Medusa pierced (finally!).

 I just got it pierced yesterday, after my mini-vacation with my friend Mandy. I wanted to get the vertical labret too, but the healing process would not allow for me to take it off within a day. I live with my gram who is super against piercings (she doesn't care about my dermal, but hasn't seen all of my tattoos though). I'm trying to make as little household interaction as possible, so she doesn't find out before it heals. Wish me luck!! ; ;
I already have my septum pierced, but I don't wear that out so much because I forget x3 

My chess-chocolate replica from Oo Jia came too (earlier before vacation).

Anndddd I've only got 12 more Crisis Hearts to sell for my donation event!

ALSOOOO I had an interview at Sephora last Monday, waiting for that call back!! x.x
Thanks for reading <3

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lolita meet+ New(notreally) Job

 I went to my first lolita meetup last weekend! Here's a quick story on that:
I have class on Saturday, so everyone knew I would be late. Somehow, my closest friend, who doesn't even like lolita makes it a point to go (idk why?). Anyway, the meet ends at 7, but I make it there at 5, and enjoy talking to some nice gals and try to have a good time....until...
My friend, who was running extremely late, calls me, and needs me to go find her because she got a flat tire.
So, no real great time since I was only there for an hour. At least I could help my friend but I was kind of upset about that. boo.
One good thing: Swaped some Catscratch stuff for these shoes. I intended to switch to classic lolita but lmao I just fell in love with these shoes so I give up.
 The next day, my gift from Clotique arrived! This made me feel a bit better~!
I made Chloe some graphic, and she offered to make me a phone case in exchange. People who I make graphics for almost NEVER send me their end of the exchange (Jolie Petite! she didn't even!!!), so I was more than excited when I got it! She even sent me earrings and a necklace and oh my god I love it.

Here's a new vinyl I got, too (arrived sometime this week).


So since I have like no friends and I am so bored at school, I figured I would get a job since my shop really doesn't help me. There's a stip club a mile away so I applied as a waitress and I got a call the same day for an interview.
Two days later, I get the job, under the (my)condition that I only work 6pm-12am shifts. Everything was fine by the person who hired me.
Yesterday I had training, and at the end of the shift, the waitress manager told me that a 6pm-12am shift was not possible and he didn't know why the hiring manager told me that.
So that didn't work out. hahaha! Can't say I didn't try though.


The crisis hearts for animals are here! I've got them posted in my shop. All profits go towards the ASPCA. Yayyyyy saving animals.

Okay I guess this was an eventful post.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summary of Snow White & the Huntsman + other stuff (?)

Quick summary of Snow White and the Huntsman:
(^^^ this)
Basically Kirsten Stewart staring into the abyss and some really good imagery. 

I'm basically busy trying to prepare for AX, and trying to get someone to go with me. My dad just bailed, but I need to find someone to do with me to rent a hotel or I guess I can just sleep in my car. I don't wanna, though. ;_;

Since I've been getting mainly questions about where to find Arpakasso stuff, I made a video, so here you go if you wanna watch/get some tips:

I know I'm forgetting a lot of stuff, but I'm just busy ;_;

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 Review & New Lenses (pt 2)~

Hi Everyone! I've got a lot to post about because all the things I intend to blog about, I forget, and thus have a buildup of things to post, here's the mini-review on Honey Color's Max Elegance in Green:


~Max Elegance in Green [15 mm]~
Color: I love how bright these lenses are! The color is very sharp, and definitely noticeable. Not "natural", but I like them like that. :) The black rims are a bit choppy, but only if you look really hard. My eyes are naturally bright blue/green, so as you can see the blending is pretty amazing.

Size: True 15mm, they look much bigger in person! 

Comfort: I've been wearing these more than the Flora lenses simply due to the brighter color, but these have the same amount of comfort as the Flora. I do not find either pair drying out or getting blurry. So far, no dryness.

Overall: Wow I kind of want more in other colors! The brightness and color is my favorite part of these lenses, I've never had color so noticeable.

Also, I've been meaning to make a post about! They've got a ton of nicely-priced dresses, but there are a few things you definitely should know before you buy anything.

(sorry for camera bad placement, but this was easier to show what I got!)
Hope this helps for anyone who wanted to order! c:

Also, I ordered this cute kitty-purse!
 I love this purse! Its my second favorite from my BUG bag collection. I need more Craig Morrison bags!

As for my little shop, I've been getting more orders! Yay!
 My workbox is full! haha~
Also, I'm starting a Sailor Moon-inspired charity event for the ASPCA in June! This is the Crisis Heart design, and I've placed the order for 50 1-inch charms to be sold as necklaces, cell charms, etc. The profits will go to needy animals :3  

And here's my most recent lineart.

Omg I forgot to mention that AX opened a spot for me at the artists alley (for Catscratch)! They've been booked for a while, so when I got the email I was super surprised! The only problem is that I'm in Chicago... and Los Angles is quite the flight! They said if I want the spot, I'd need to pay by Thursday. 
What do you think I should do?! ;_;

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Lens & Video Review~

Hello! Sorry for inactivity for those who read, I've just got a lot to say and don't know where to start!
This week, I got my order from Honey Color, and decided to do my first review (for the lolz) on Flora lens.
Please give me feedback on questions, what you'd like to see, etc. I've also got a TON of beauty products.
Wow I have so much stuff.
Here you go::

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back from ACEN!

Its been a long and fun weekend! I've had my best year at ACEN, even though I went alone! I met a ton of people and made some new friends, and am even going to my first Loli meetup next month! 

 ^^ someone pulled a fire alarm, and everyone had to evacuate! 
 My new friend, Miss Lyz, who has an amazing sense of fashion, and made the bow that I am wearing~ :3
 Dylan joined me for the last day.

I'll made a post on the little goodies I bought this year! I actually spent more time at the Lolita Panels. I got to meet the designers of Angelic Pretty, and saw their Spring Fashion Show! I felt so ~exclusive~ because the dresses had never been seen before, if you are a fan of Angelic Pretty, they've got an adorable line out for spring/summer! :)
Even though I wore replica's, I got so many compliments, I felt like a real princess <3

Thanks for visiting! And I will make a post on the goodies I bought later!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ghostssss and First Sale!

I was so excited to send off my first Catscratch order, as you could probably imagine. I'm still really happy! *v*
Anyway, other than finals, which consumed most of the week, Dylan and I went on a mini-adventure, in hopes of seeing something spooky. My favorite, and only television show I've watched, is "A Haunting". Honestly I don't know how I feel about ghosts/spirits, but I have fun watching mindless television and hearing spooky stories.
 Our first stop as Ashbury's supposedly haunted coffee-house! Of course nothing happened, but the coffee house itself is really cool, they've got a ton of old books, board games, and even let you play on the Super Nintendo. Plus, I love coffee.
Bachelors Grove is also supposedly the most haunted place in my city. Its basically a swamp, off a bridge, where the mafia dumped dead bodies. Its also a swampy cemetery in the middle of the woods. Since its a pretty popular tourist location, the occasional group kind of took away the magic of the whole thing. The woods are really pretty, though! Short summary: nothing spooky happened, just fun.
 Sushi-treats in the middle of the week!
And finally, last night, my dresses from the wholesale site arrived! They were all five dollars each, so it was an amazing deal!

Thanks for visiting! <3

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catscratch is open, yay!

My charms finally arrived today, so I got to open Catscratch!
Please take a look at my shop! I am super excited c:
Basically, I just put together jewelry today, and ate, but that's fun.

Also, if you like anything, I'm hosting a giveaway on my Tumblr!
Okay, I'm done "business spamming", I was just really happy today.

Then I tried on dresses all night because why not.
Thanks for visiting! <3

My Birthday!

  Its that time of the year! :) I had my first surprise party! Dylan and I were going to just go get Thai food tonight, but apparently he had invited my best friends to meet us at the restaurant, and I had no clue I hadn't seen anyone in a while , so it was a great day!
 (flowers from Angie a few days ago)
Dylan's gifts! Kero-pillow, the Bodyline blouse I wanted, Ouija-wallet, along with mix-cds~
Mandy got me Luna & Artemis keychains along with cute hair bows which I will be wearing forever.
I'm just really happy and had an amazing day. c:

Friday, April 6, 2012

New hair + shirts

Oh hello, new hair! I think this will grow on me. Mixed feelings, but whatever.

 My internet was gone for a while, and I drew while the service-person was here. 
In best news: the shirts finished printing! They aren't how I envisioned them, but they still look cute. I'm just going to sell them at a discount~

I need to clean my room, but I just have so much to do. I usually get overwhelmed with homework, and treat myself to ~being lazy~. 
Oh my gosh A-cen is in a few weeks and I have no outfit prepared. Maybe I will just go in lolita.