Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back from ACEN!

Its been a long and fun weekend! I've had my best year at ACEN, even though I went alone! I met a ton of people and made some new friends, and am even going to my first Loli meetup next month! 

 ^^ someone pulled a fire alarm, and everyone had to evacuate! 
 My new friend, Miss Lyz, who has an amazing sense of fashion, and made the bow that I am wearing~ :3
 Dylan joined me for the last day.

I'll made a post on the little goodies I bought this year! I actually spent more time at the Lolita Panels. I got to meet the designers of Angelic Pretty, and saw their Spring Fashion Show! I felt so ~exclusive~ because the dresses had never been seen before, if you are a fan of Angelic Pretty, they've got an adorable line out for spring/summer! :)
Even though I wore replica's, I got so many compliments, I felt like a real princess <3

Thanks for visiting! And I will make a post on the goodies I bought later!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ghostssss and First Sale!

I was so excited to send off my first Catscratch order, as you could probably imagine. I'm still really happy! *v*
Anyway, other than finals, which consumed most of the week, Dylan and I went on a mini-adventure, in hopes of seeing something spooky. My favorite, and only television show I've watched, is "A Haunting". Honestly I don't know how I feel about ghosts/spirits, but I have fun watching mindless television and hearing spooky stories.
 Our first stop as Ashbury's supposedly haunted coffee-house! Of course nothing happened, but the coffee house itself is really cool, they've got a ton of old books, board games, and even let you play on the Super Nintendo. Plus, I love coffee.
Bachelors Grove is also supposedly the most haunted place in my city. Its basically a swamp, off a bridge, where the mafia dumped dead bodies. Its also a swampy cemetery in the middle of the woods. Since its a pretty popular tourist location, the occasional group kind of took away the magic of the whole thing. The woods are really pretty, though! Short summary: nothing spooky happened, just fun.
 Sushi-treats in the middle of the week!
And finally, last night, my dresses from the wholesale site arrived! They were all five dollars each, so it was an amazing deal!

Thanks for visiting! <3

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catscratch is open, yay!

My charms finally arrived today, so I got to open Catscratch!
Please take a look at my shop! I am super excited c:
Basically, I just put together jewelry today, and ate, but that's fun.

Also, if you like anything, I'm hosting a giveaway on my Tumblr!
Okay, I'm done "business spamming", I was just really happy today.

Then I tried on dresses all night because why not.
Thanks for visiting! <3

My Birthday!

  Its that time of the year! :) I had my first surprise party! Dylan and I were going to just go get Thai food tonight, but apparently he had invited my best friends to meet us at the restaurant, and I had no clue I hadn't seen anyone in a while , so it was a great day!
 (flowers from Angie a few days ago)
Dylan's gifts! Kero-pillow, the Bodyline blouse I wanted, Ouija-wallet, along with mix-cds~
Mandy got me Luna & Artemis keychains along with cute hair bows which I will be wearing forever.
I'm just really happy and had an amazing day. c:

Friday, April 6, 2012

New hair + shirts

Oh hello, new hair! I think this will grow on me. Mixed feelings, but whatever.

 My internet was gone for a while, and I drew while the service-person was here. 
In best news: the shirts finished printing! They aren't how I envisioned them, but they still look cute. I'm just going to sell them at a discount~

I need to clean my room, but I just have so much to do. I usually get overwhelmed with homework, and treat myself to ~being lazy~. 
Oh my gosh A-cen is in a few weeks and I have no outfit prepared. Maybe I will just go in lolita.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bad Bakery

Sorry for lack of updates! I just like waiting for when I have a ton of fun things to say. This week, I've been submitting and working with the producers of the acrylic charms for Catscratch, and working on getting shirts printed. Good news: I will open the shop on my birthday! c:
Anyways, I've been drawing (pretty badly), doing schoolwork, and preparing for Dylan's birthday, which is tomorrow! I made him a Majora's Mask cake! (shhhh, its a suprise)
 This is the first cake I've ever made using fondant, I bet it tastes like crap though, haha.
"Its the thought that counts" Cake.
 Here's a drawing ^^^^^^
And I finally got a Dir en Grey shirt! <3 I frayed the bottom because it was an extra moo-moo size.

Thanks for stopping by! Also, I've been commenting on a few of people's posts lately, and they seem to dissappear?! Wahhhh, I'm not ignoring anyone ;_;