Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wholesaledress.com Review & New Lenses (pt 2)~

Hi Everyone! I've got a lot to post about because all the things I intend to blog about, I forget, and thus have a buildup of things to post, here's the mini-review on Honey Color's Max Elegance in Green:


~Max Elegance in Green [15 mm]~
Color: I love how bright these lenses are! The color is very sharp, and definitely noticeable. Not "natural", but I like them like that. :) The black rims are a bit choppy, but only if you look really hard. My eyes are naturally bright blue/green, so as you can see the blending is pretty amazing.

Size: True 15mm, they look much bigger in person! 

Comfort: I've been wearing these more than the Flora lenses simply due to the brighter color, but these have the same amount of comfort as the Flora. I do not find either pair drying out or getting blurry. So far, no dryness.

Overall: Wow I kind of want more in other colors! The brightness and color is my favorite part of these lenses, I've never had color so noticeable.

Also, I've been meaning to make a post about Wholesaledress.com! They've got a ton of nicely-priced dresses, but there are a few things you definitely should know before you buy anything.

(sorry for camera bad placement, but this was easier to show what I got!)
Hope this helps for anyone who wanted to order! c:

Also, I ordered this cute kitty-purse!
 I love this purse! Its my second favorite from my BUG bag collection. I need more Craig Morrison bags!

As for my little shop, I've been getting more orders! Yay!
 My workbox is full! haha~
Also, I'm starting a Sailor Moon-inspired charity event for the ASPCA in June! This is the Crisis Heart design, and I've placed the order for 50 1-inch charms to be sold as necklaces, cell charms, etc. The profits will go to needy animals :3  

And here's my most recent lineart.

Omg I forgot to mention that AX opened a spot for me at the artists alley (for Catscratch)! They've been booked for a while, so when I got the email I was super surprised! The only problem is that I'm in Chicago... and Los Angles is quite the flight! They said if I want the spot, I'd need to pay by Thursday. 
What do you think I should do?! ;_;

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Lens & Video Review~

Hello! Sorry for inactivity for those who read, I've just got a lot to say and don't know where to start!
This week, I got my order from Honey Color, and decided to do my first review (for the lolz) on Flora lens.
Please give me feedback on questions, what you'd like to see, etc. I've also got a TON of beauty products.
Wow I have so much stuff.
Here you go::

Thanks for stopping by! :)