Monday, June 25, 2012

New Piercing :*

Hey Kittens! Got my Medusa pierced (finally!).

 I just got it pierced yesterday, after my mini-vacation with my friend Mandy. I wanted to get the vertical labret too, but the healing process would not allow for me to take it off within a day. I live with my gram who is super against piercings (she doesn't care about my dermal, but hasn't seen all of my tattoos though). I'm trying to make as little household interaction as possible, so she doesn't find out before it heals. Wish me luck!! ; ;
I already have my septum pierced, but I don't wear that out so much because I forget x3 

My chess-chocolate replica from Oo Jia came too (earlier before vacation).

Anndddd I've only got 12 more Crisis Hearts to sell for my donation event!

ALSOOOO I had an interview at Sephora last Monday, waiting for that call back!! x.x
Thanks for reading <3

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lolita meet+ New(notreally) Job

 I went to my first lolita meetup last weekend! Here's a quick story on that:
I have class on Saturday, so everyone knew I would be late. Somehow, my closest friend, who doesn't even like lolita makes it a point to go (idk why?). Anyway, the meet ends at 7, but I make it there at 5, and enjoy talking to some nice gals and try to have a good time....until...
My friend, who was running extremely late, calls me, and needs me to go find her because she got a flat tire.
So, no real great time since I was only there for an hour. At least I could help my friend but I was kind of upset about that. boo.
One good thing: Swaped some Catscratch stuff for these shoes. I intended to switch to classic lolita but lmao I just fell in love with these shoes so I give up.
 The next day, my gift from Clotique arrived! This made me feel a bit better~!
I made Chloe some graphic, and she offered to make me a phone case in exchange. People who I make graphics for almost NEVER send me their end of the exchange (Jolie Petite! she didn't even!!!), so I was more than excited when I got it! She even sent me earrings and a necklace and oh my god I love it.

Here's a new vinyl I got, too (arrived sometime this week).


So since I have like no friends and I am so bored at school, I figured I would get a job since my shop really doesn't help me. There's a stip club a mile away so I applied as a waitress and I got a call the same day for an interview.
Two days later, I get the job, under the (my)condition that I only work 6pm-12am shifts. Everything was fine by the person who hired me.
Yesterday I had training, and at the end of the shift, the waitress manager told me that a 6pm-12am shift was not possible and he didn't know why the hiring manager told me that.
So that didn't work out. hahaha! Can't say I didn't try though.


The crisis hearts for animals are here! I've got them posted in my shop. All profits go towards the ASPCA. Yayyyyy saving animals.

Okay I guess this was an eventful post.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summary of Snow White & the Huntsman + other stuff (?)

Quick summary of Snow White and the Huntsman:
(^^^ this)
Basically Kirsten Stewart staring into the abyss and some really good imagery. 

I'm basically busy trying to prepare for AX, and trying to get someone to go with me. My dad just bailed, but I need to find someone to do with me to rent a hotel or I guess I can just sleep in my car. I don't wanna, though. ;_;

Since I've been getting mainly questions about where to find Arpakasso stuff, I made a video, so here you go if you wanna watch/get some tips:

I know I'm forgetting a lot of stuff, but I'm just busy ;_;