Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bad Bakery

Sorry for lack of updates! I just like waiting for when I have a ton of fun things to say. This week, I've been submitting and working with the producers of the acrylic charms for Catscratch, and working on getting shirts printed. Good news: I will open the shop on my birthday! c:
Anyways, I've been drawing (pretty badly), doing schoolwork, and preparing for Dylan's birthday, which is tomorrow! I made him a Majora's Mask cake! (shhhh, its a suprise)
 This is the first cake I've ever made using fondant, I bet it tastes like crap though, haha.
"Its the thought that counts" Cake.
 Here's a drawing ^^^^^^
And I finally got a Dir en Grey shirt! <3 I frayed the bottom because it was an extra moo-moo size.

Thanks for stopping by! Also, I've been commenting on a few of people's posts lately, and they seem to dissappear?! Wahhhh, I'm not ignoring anyone ;_;


  1. Oh my god that Majora's Mask cake is amazing!

    1. Thank you so much! :3 Glad you think so