Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ruining my life!

Hello! Laziness strikes me again, but this time, I'm mad >_<
So here's the story, I ordered human teeth gauges through, because I wanted a nice and unique jewelry item, plus, as a reward to myself for finishing college&high school with a 4.0 GPA. Okay, I just really wanted these gauges. They were awesome, and shiny. I ordered them in October.
I didn't want to stretch my ears anymore, so I contacted the owner and asked if getting my size was possible. She said she could do it, but it would take her time to find a small tooth. Of course, I didn't mind waiting, and told her I needed it by Christmas (to which she said it would be fine). When new years came around, I was antsy, and asked her if she sent them, and blah blah.
Basically, I got them today, and they are NOTHING like I had ordered:

 So, as you can see, very disappointing. I understand some changes needed to be made to accommodate my gauge size, but I was not informed that the swarovski pearl would not be included, and that a tooth would be cut in half. All aesthetic value has been lost. I sent a message with this comparison photo, and an explanation as to why I feel entitled to at least a partial refund.

What do you guys think? 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lazy Prints

 HelloHello! Update out of boredom and lack of things to do, mainly due to the dreary weather and being super lazy. 

I guess the only things I got done were getting some more prints of  things I made (above&below). I really wish I had enough prints to have a booth at A-cen this year. I've been trying to make more cute character vectors, but I've got classes that really distract me, lack of ideas, and sometimes, I just forget~
But at least I'm trying! 

Last night was the last night of my photoshop trial, so I made this! Now I have to figure out how to get photoshop again, I cant even afford it even with my student discount ;_; 
Now I'm in a mini-block because everything I'm making today looks weird x.x

Last night, I also made a little example of my Princess Mimi lens set. Since I came home really late, my eyeliner was falling off & somewhat shot, but I had been meaning to show how these lenses look on my eyes, compared to my normal eyes. I definitely like them better than my Barbie eyes, in terms of size. I'll make an example for my Barbie Eyes another time. :)

In short, very boring lazy day! Maybe I will dye my hair again or something ahhh *_*

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thug Thursday

Happy Thursday!
 Kind of average, boring day. I wanted to get more things done, but I was really lazy. 

My goal today was to finish a background for my second shadow box project. I spent a really long time in photoshop trying to make something, but to no avail. If anyone has some inspiration for me, please let me know! I really want to finish this and start something new. I've got another shadow box to fill afterwards and 5 canvases that could really use some love. 

My friend Angie picked me up today to look at an apartment. Gram and I haven't been getting along for the past week, and earlier in the week, I really wanted to move out, but now I'm getting cold feet on the idea. Partially because I'm scared because this is a big step to take, I would definitely feel more lonely, and I have it pretty well living with gram. Then, the other half of me could really use a break from all these crazy household expectations. First world problems. This apartment was gorgeous! Its part of a huge house that Angie and I would share with some of her friends. Its a few blocks away from my campus and new job, plus its in a great part of Chicago and the rent would be amazing. 
Well, I guess I should take the offer, I've been wanting to be independent for a long time. We bought ourselves bubble tea in celebration!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things and Stuff

Hello! Just another Wednesday afternoon, but at least I'm trying to finish a few things. Yesterday, I finally figured out how to use my UV Kryolan palette, I've had that palette for a long time and had never used it, so here are the results!
Last night, I also finished my first "shadow box". This was a layered project, and my first one using my Copic markers set. Honestly, I thought it would turn out better, but it looks pretty okay~ I'm in the process of working on a better one and will do a background in photoshop. The second one is looking really neat so far so I can't wait to post when I am done! c:
This morning, I got started on cutting up my Sailor Moon themed stickers. There is a "girly" and "steampunk"  inspired brooches. The person at the prints store was really nice to me, so they printed out a bunch for free, including a free poster-sized version of an older one I did (pic below)!
I really wanted to mail out some stickers to my followers on Tumblr (or here but I don't have any yet), as a little gift. I'm at home working on crafts a lot so it would give me some sort of "socializing" break, haha.
This is the one I got a big poster of! It looks much better on a wall so I will perhaps make a post of my room in the future when I get everything organized.
As for now, my classes finished early, so I got to get coffee and weep a little because there is nothing to eat at my house for the moment. My grandma has a ton of food with meat in it, but I don't eat meat, so wahh ;_;  As for better news, I got the job I wanted! I'm going to start working at a small, but adorable game-lounge that serves coffee, teas, and video games! Here's a pic that I could find online of what the place looks like inside:
Its really artsy too, they've got local artists paintings on the wall, and they'll let me have any hair color I want! LOVELOVELOVE.

I think that will do for today :D

Monday, January 16, 2012

First Post!

For my first post, I figured I'd introduce myself! My name is Eliana (Elie), 18 years old from Chicago. I live with my cat, princess, and my grandmother. 
Educational-wise, I have my Associates Degree in Graphic Design, and this year I will have my BA in Multimedia Design, I'm a full time student. I have worked a number of odd jobs, and am trying to find a new job in the meantime. 
My hobbies include working with the Adobe Suite, drawing, observing fashion, reading manga,and occasionally sewing. I do enjoy wearing cute frilly clothes on occasion, but my typical style is a mash-up of colorful or gray-scale comfort.  I'm planning on starting my own little shop, "Catscratch", within the next year, featuring acrylic charms of my designs (and more).

That about sums it up! Ending intro-post!