Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wholesaledress.com Review & New Lenses (pt 2)~

Hi Everyone! I've got a lot to post about because all the things I intend to blog about, I forget, and thus have a buildup of things to post, here's the mini-review on Honey Color's Max Elegance in Green:


~Max Elegance in Green [15 mm]~
Color: I love how bright these lenses are! The color is very sharp, and definitely noticeable. Not "natural", but I like them like that. :) The black rims are a bit choppy, but only if you look really hard. My eyes are naturally bright blue/green, so as you can see the blending is pretty amazing.

Size: True 15mm, they look much bigger in person! 

Comfort: I've been wearing these more than the Flora lenses simply due to the brighter color, but these have the same amount of comfort as the Flora. I do not find either pair drying out or getting blurry. So far, no dryness.

Overall: Wow I kind of want more in other colors! The brightness and color is my favorite part of these lenses, I've never had color so noticeable.

Also, I've been meaning to make a post about Wholesaledress.com! They've got a ton of nicely-priced dresses, but there are a few things you definitely should know before you buy anything.

(sorry for camera bad placement, but this was easier to show what I got!)
Hope this helps for anyone who wanted to order! c:

Also, I ordered this cute kitty-purse!
 I love this purse! Its my second favorite from my BUG bag collection. I need more Craig Morrison bags!

As for my little shop, I've been getting more orders! Yay!
 My workbox is full! haha~
Also, I'm starting a Sailor Moon-inspired charity event for the ASPCA in June! This is the Crisis Heart design, and I've placed the order for 50 1-inch charms to be sold as necklaces, cell charms, etc. The profits will go to needy animals :3  

And here's my most recent lineart.

Omg I forgot to mention that AX opened a spot for me at the artists alley (for Catscratch)! They've been booked for a while, so when I got the email I was super surprised! The only problem is that I'm in Chicago... and Los Angles is quite the flight! They said if I want the spot, I'd need to pay by Thursday. 
What do you think I should do?! ;_;


  1. oh my! I would definitely pre-order for that Sailor Moon crisis charm/necklace!!! Thanks for sharing your workbox too! I feel like a ton of crafters have that exact box~

    1. I just put the sm stuff up at my shop! Lmao I think a lot of people have that organizer because its the cheapest!! <3