Monday, February 13, 2012

Wild Milotic Appears!

Hi everyone! Today I went to my first session of my Milotic tattoo (just got back). This picture was taken right when I got home so you its kinda puffy n' stuff. I'm going to get the cherry blossoms filled in next, and more color c:
Ahhh now it stings! I guess this is my Valentines Day gift to myself, aha.

I finally finished one of my 11'x17' canvases last night! This one looks really cool, I added a ton of glitter, gold spraypaint, and detail on the body, so I'm quite proud of this c:

First paycheck= bye bye!

Finally got a new pair of platforms! These are awesome and arrived in the mail this week. I love them so much and they are fun to match with outfits, I've had a pretty "gothy" fashion week. I also ordered a ton of stuff from Bodyline, which was also sent out yesterday. I'll make a post on that when the stuff arrives.
Also, I've been trying hard to make new friends, and its working! Friday, I'm going to a meetup at the showing of "The Borrower Arietty". I'll probably go in lolita c: I love finding reasons to dress up~

Dylan took me to the "Too Cool" store the other day, and I got a Luna pillow! They had so many cute things at that store, they even had a Keroberos pillow (that I really wanted), but I chose Luna and will get Kero next time! OH, one other thing they had was a GIANT HELLO KITTY- the size of me! I've already decided to get it next week, even though its really expensive. I just really want it. Oh my god its such a huge plush. I'm tempted to just get it now but I'm going to wait because I did a ton of shopping ;_;

 Also got these! They are obviously not the VW shoes, but I will feel less guilty doing some serious adventure time in them :)
Here's the story on these and why I've spent so much this week: I bought the Vivienne Westwood angelomania wing shoes on ebay for an insanely expensive price months ago. After a long time of waiting, I did my research on the seller, and it turns out that I was ripped off (yet again!). I'm having a really bad time with sellers lately ;_; So I opened a case against them with all my collected evidence, and am waiting to hear back from ebay, hopefully I will get my money back. I better!

Also, here's my decora phone case that I made! c:
I made it a while ago, and found it again. I need to make a new one for my current phone~

Tonight, a friend also sent me some pictures she took of me when I was a freshman in high school, I never saw them till' tonight, and thought they were really cool! Here's three pictures of me in freshman year:

Long post! Thanks for looking at my blog!~
Going to post again soon :)

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