Sunday, February 5, 2012



I got to see my mom for the first time in a month (I think?), so we went to Mitsuwas and it was great oh my god I love food so much. Now I love milk tea! Yay!
Also, this was my first week at my new job, I think I actually like it a lot! A gaming lounge is perfect for me, plus I walk around talking about how I love food so much, they give me free food.
I also went crazy and dyed my hair orange/pink. I wanted to just get out the urge to dye my hair x-amount of colors before I did a two-tone. Not really a smart idea because Special Effects Dye takes a million bleaches to get out. Its hair so whatever. :)

Here's my boyfriend and I! We went to a costume party. I wore my black tea party jsk but nobody took a picture of just me, cept me, but it looks bad. 

Here's me driving, tried to get the dress, but no ._.

Here's my boyfriend being hot stuff. Note the tiara on the top of the car! 

I really like my boyfriend a lot :) 
I think he's mad at me maybe, though. Today one of my longtime male friends wanted to see me because they had broken up with their girlfriend of 3 years, and apparently I am the only one who "cares" enough to listen. I told my boyfriend so he just did his own thing today, but my friend wanted to be funny and goof around with my boyfriend so he took his number and started texting him. We were going to all meet up later anyway so I didn't see the harm but I forgot that people get pissed off about things like that but I really thought my boyfriend could take the joke but yeah I learned people get sassy over that stuff (run-on but idc). I really guess that makes sense though. When he (boyfriend) stopped into my work later, I bought him a smoothie so he better forgive me. Also, he took his friend out to fun places and paid for his time on the games. He makes me pay so we're even I guess?
Yeah, we are even >_<

I'm trying to make Dylan (bf) something for Valentines day^^
His favorite game is any Zelda, so I made him as link, and his cat as zelda. I'm not really that great at freehand, but this is how its going so far. Definitely going to finish some of the coloring soon, but I hope he likes it!

Excuse the semi-personal post, but blogging makes me feel better after I'm kind of worried, haha.


  1. Does your bf dress like that everyday i think he's so cool. very hard to find straight guys who are into diff style here in Manila..

    haha I love milkteas too! <3
    I hope you guys made up, silly jokes is silly. hihihi!

    1. Minus the goggle, he dresses like that all the time! :) Funny that you mention that, originally I thought he was homosexual and was trying to hook him up with a guy friend until I found out that he was straight xD

      Turns out he wasn't mad, I just worried too much ._.

      Always nice to hear from you ! :)

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