Friday, March 2, 2012

Classes & Crafts

  Hello! I just started my new classes this week. Online classes are worse than I thought they would be! Before the class officially started, my professor emailed me and told me to have two sites coded, designed, and working within three days. It had been such a long time since my last design course, since I decided to get all my general classes out of the way. Coding is so much work(;´・д・)
Anyway, I ended up making the sites, but the next eight weeks are going to drive me crazy! Not to mention, things that I'm buying on ebay are not getting sent, I was looking forward to some dresses. Gosh.

Here's some color practice I did tonight after reading all the manga I could possibly read. On to some pictures of an outfit I put together

 Dress: Milky-chan replica
Cardigan: F21
Boots: Bodyline.

Finally figured out how to curl my hair this week, too! .\

Here's my Princess compact mirror, I got the charms at the local craft store. Oddly enough I notice some people take the castle one, glue it on the back of a ring, and call it "brand". Huh.

I also bought this little craft kit from Toys R Us, I gave the purple one to my boyfriend and it broke the same day.
Aside from these few crafts, it's been a boring week.
~Till next time~


  1. everything in this post is so cute! youre a lucky duck n.n

    1. Thanks! :3 I find that making my own crafts and price-stalking on ebay is the cheapest way to get things~