Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things for Catscratch~

'Sampled to scale, here are my sticket sheet designs for Catscratch! Each character will probably be featured on an acrylic charm too for rings, necklaces, and cell-phone charms. Of course, I'm going to add extra gems to the acrylic, but I think they turned out really cute. I'll probably make a cupcake t-shirt too c:
 Vectors drive me mad, but thankfully, they get easier to make the more you play with the pen tool!

I also got my gift from the exchange I did with Nicci! I got a Totoro ring+ hairclips that I've been wearing for the past few days~

My dad stopped over during the week and got me thai food from my favorite place. (yummyyy)

Last but not least, I got my Maddison dermal put in. I love it so much more than the double dermals. You can still see the scars from my four dermals (that natrually fell out), but the Maddison is a big sparkly piece on my throat! You can't see it very well because it was night time when I took the picture, but I'm sure it will turn up in the next photos I post.

Thanks for stopping by! c:


  1. Mmm the thai food is making me hungry! And the totro ring looks SO cute :) Lovely blog



    1. I knowww, food+Totoro is awesome! Thanks for visiting! c:

  2. I used to want a Madison dermal! They're pretty!

    1. If you ever want to get it again, I'd say they're a great dermal! I have less problems with this one than any of my other dermals~