Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ruining my life!

Hello! Laziness strikes me again, but this time, I'm mad >_<
So here's the story, I ordered human teeth gauges through, because I wanted a nice and unique jewelry item, plus, as a reward to myself for finishing college&high school with a 4.0 GPA. Okay, I just really wanted these gauges. They were awesome, and shiny. I ordered them in October.
I didn't want to stretch my ears anymore, so I contacted the owner and asked if getting my size was possible. She said she could do it, but it would take her time to find a small tooth. Of course, I didn't mind waiting, and told her I needed it by Christmas (to which she said it would be fine). When new years came around, I was antsy, and asked her if she sent them, and blah blah.
Basically, I got them today, and they are NOTHING like I had ordered:

 So, as you can see, very disappointing. I understand some changes needed to be made to accommodate my gauge size, but I was not informed that the swarovski pearl would not be included, and that a tooth would be cut in half. All aesthetic value has been lost. I sent a message with this comparison photo, and an explanation as to why I feel entitled to at least a partial refund.

What do you guys think? 


  1. wow that really sucks, she should give you a full refund. if she couldn't do it she should of told you and not send that piece of shit.

    sorry that happen to you U _ U

    1. I tried everything I could, and she would not even give me a partial refund; however, I am about to tear her a new virtual asshole!
      Thank you so much for understanding, though, it makes me feel a bit better ;_;

  2. that is such a cheap and half arsed job. sorry to hear that you couldn't get a refund, you definitely deserved one!

    1. Glad you thought so too! I had a pretty epic battle and got the bank to reclaim my funds, so I got a 100% return, forcefully *_*

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)