Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thug Thursday

Happy Thursday!
 Kind of average, boring day. I wanted to get more things done, but I was really lazy. 

My goal today was to finish a background for my second shadow box project. I spent a really long time in photoshop trying to make something, but to no avail. If anyone has some inspiration for me, please let me know! I really want to finish this and start something new. I've got another shadow box to fill afterwards and 5 canvases that could really use some love. 

My friend Angie picked me up today to look at an apartment. Gram and I haven't been getting along for the past week, and earlier in the week, I really wanted to move out, but now I'm getting cold feet on the idea. Partially because I'm scared because this is a big step to take, I would definitely feel more lonely, and I have it pretty well living with gram. Then, the other half of me could really use a break from all these crazy household expectations. First world problems. This apartment was gorgeous! Its part of a huge house that Angie and I would share with some of her friends. Its a few blocks away from my campus and new job, plus its in a great part of Chicago and the rent would be amazing. 
Well, I guess I should take the offer, I've been wanting to be independent for a long time. We bought ourselves bubble tea in celebration!


  1. i wuv bubble tea! and good luck moving out :)

    1. I knowww! Bubble tea is amazingg *_*
      And thank you for the luck! :)