Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lazy Prints

 HelloHello! Update out of boredom and lack of things to do, mainly due to the dreary weather and being super lazy. 

I guess the only things I got done were getting some more prints of  things I made (above&below). I really wish I had enough prints to have a booth at A-cen this year. I've been trying to make more cute character vectors, but I've got classes that really distract me, lack of ideas, and sometimes, I just forget~
But at least I'm trying! 

Last night was the last night of my photoshop trial, so I made this! Now I have to figure out how to get photoshop again, I cant even afford it even with my student discount ;_; 
Now I'm in a mini-block because everything I'm making today looks weird x.x

Last night, I also made a little example of my Princess Mimi lens set. Since I came home really late, my eyeliner was falling off & somewhat shot, but I had been meaning to show how these lenses look on my eyes, compared to my normal eyes. I definitely like them better than my Barbie eyes, in terms of size. I'll make an example for my Barbie Eyes another time. :)

In short, very boring lazy day! Maybe I will dye my hair again or something ahhh *_*


  1. The prints are all beautiful ^_^! Also I've dyed my hair pink too the other day! Hope you can check it out?

    1. Hi! I've tried figuring out how to comment on the site, but I finally figured it out I just don't know if I have a profile or anything haha. Looks great on you! You did a great job on coloring! :)