Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things and Stuff

Hello! Just another Wednesday afternoon, but at least I'm trying to finish a few things. Yesterday, I finally figured out how to use my UV Kryolan palette, I've had that palette for a long time and had never used it, so here are the results!
Last night, I also finished my first "shadow box". This was a layered project, and my first one using my Copic markers set. Honestly, I thought it would turn out better, but it looks pretty okay~ I'm in the process of working on a better one and will do a background in photoshop. The second one is looking really neat so far so I can't wait to post when I am done! c:
This morning, I got started on cutting up my Sailor Moon themed stickers. There is a "girly" and "steampunk"  inspired brooches. The person at the prints store was really nice to me, so they printed out a bunch for free, including a free poster-sized version of an older one I did (pic below)!
I really wanted to mail out some stickers to my followers on Tumblr (or here but I don't have any yet), as a little gift. I'm at home working on crafts a lot so it would give me some sort of "socializing" break, haha.
This is the one I got a big poster of! It looks much better on a wall so I will perhaps make a post of my room in the future when I get everything organized.
As for now, my classes finished early, so I got to get coffee and weep a little because there is nothing to eat at my house for the moment. My grandma has a ton of food with meat in it, but I don't eat meat, so wahh ;_;  As for better news, I got the job I wanted! I'm going to start working at a small, but adorable game-lounge that serves coffee, teas, and video games! Here's a pic that I could find online of what the place looks like inside:
Its really artsy too, they've got local artists paintings on the wall, and they'll let me have any hair color I want! LOVELOVELOVE.

I think that will do for today :D